Blog #16 (Revision Strategies)

Some of my favorite revision strategies include the trash bin technique and the reverse outline. From day one, I’ve been using the trash bin technique. It really helps to write out all of my thoughts for my free draft then go back after and recycle through everything I need to keep or throw away. Especially … [Read more…]

Blog #15 (Revision Plan)

For this next essay, I really want to focus on putting my opinion and what I truly think is beautiful into this essay. After writing my first draft, I have realized that it is difficult for me to really talk about myself and making personal connections. Both Alysa and Liv pointed it out so I … [Read more…]

Blog #14 (Brainstorming/Outline Essay 3)

For my outline, overall I hope to use visual, linguistic, spatial and auditory in my essay. It will have lyrics to songs, pictures, short videos and the paragraphs may have some things bolded or organized in a different fashion than usual. Here’s my super long, thought out, iffy outline! *Not entirely sure about the order … [Read more…]

Blog #13 (La Bella Vita)

The quote “To regard beauty as a luxury adornment or social signifier was to miss the true potential of the experience” is regarding the two powerful psychological drives that Schiller expands on in Armstrong’s article. The luxury adornment piece is speaking to the ‘sense’ drive which seeks immediate gratification. It craves contact and possession, to … [Read more…]

Blog #12 (Presentations)

I particularly enjoyed Liv’s presentation during class today. She had decided to do an essay with pictures and talked about how her close friend has been going through chemotherapy at Boston Children’s Hospital. She included several pictures from the hospital that displayed different lights, colors, music, moving murals and a specific favorite, the beach sea … [Read more…]

Jonah Lehrer (10)

Jonah Lehrer’s main argument is that the gap between art and science needs to be bridged. He uses two specific sciences, physics and neuroscience to discuss the open-ended questions that are left with these two sciences. And in order to answer these questions, he believes we need art. Within the science world, Lehrer believes that … [Read more…]

Yo-Yo Ma (9)

The immediate context is this article called, “Necessary Edges; Arts, Empathy, and Education” was published on the World-Post, created through a partnership between the Huffington Post and the Berggruen Institute of Governance. Yo-Yo Mama, the writer of this article, was famous for several years, producing more than 90 albums and receiving several awards of achievement. … [Read more…]

The Art of Quoting (8)

My first quote I altered so it wasn’t as wordy and got straight to the point. I also provided a detailed explanation of what Kaphar was trying to explain about putting a camera in focus. Also, I framed my quotations better in my first and second quote. Kaphar describes it as putting a camera in … [Read more…]

W-4 and Rewriting Body Paragraphs (7)

(Before) (After) The “after” pictures of my essay are still in progress because I had printed out a copy after my revisions on my laptop so I could sit down and read it aloud to then make more corrections. ¬†First, I switched the order of my body paragraphs. In the “before” pictures, my first paragraph … [Read more…]