Blog #11 (Exercise 2 – Chapter 8 (They Say/I Say))

When doing this exercise, I noticed it was very difficult to do. After writing for so many years and learning different ways to reword sentences, you use transitions, pointing terms, repetition and key terms subconsciously without even noticing it is there. For example, I had to read through my essay three times to find all of the transitions, pointing terms and key terms. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t get exactly all of them. Overall, I think it is okay to use “and” a lot in this essay because you are comparing science and art. I think it would be different if you were only talking about science or only talking about art. Also, repetition I used not as frequently because this is my rough draft so most of my sentences provide a new idea or perspective of an idea. But, when I go back and revise my essay, I will be sure to make sure I stay away from repetition and instead use something that delivers the same message but in a different way.

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  1. elishaemerson

    I agree that the more that you read and write, the more that this kind of “knowledge” sinks in and becomes automatic–a kind of muscle memory. Nice work. 3/3

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