About Me


I’m Hannah Little from Connecticut. I’m studying occupational therapy at the University of New England. I hope in the future with OT to work in the NICU at a hospital or do in-home care with birth to three year olds. I enjoy hiking, drinking tea and buying unnecessary plants. Originally coming from California has made me appreciate the outdoors especially when it’s 15 degrees and snowing. I love learning about new ideas or concepts especially in the science realm. Learning is a way to keep my mind busy. If I’m not out hiking or hanging out with friends, I get easily bored so learning is something I look forward to everyday. I also enjoy word vomiting in my free time to get my thoughts out on paper and it helps to release anxiety especially in the busy world of college. I occasionally enjoy reading outside of the classroom if it is something that interests me. I hope to become a better writer as the semesters continue because I know it is an excellent source to have with any future career.