Blog #12 (Presentations)

I particularly enjoyed Liv’s presentation during class today. She had decided to do an essay with pictures and talked about how her close friend has been going through chemotherapy at Boston Children’s Hospital. She included several pictures from the hospital that displayed different lights, colors, music, moving murals and a specific favorite, the beach sea glass. These are additions in the hospital that I didn’t even know existed. Usually when in a hospital, I’m not focusing on the art that is in it. I’m focused on what is going on and why I am there. It taught me that these little things in hospitals don’t only serve as something visually appealing but also as a therapy to those who are struggling. Liv went on to explain that the kids in the hospital can still enjoy life as a kid instead of constantly being distracted by adult issues. Having art in the hospital distracts Liv’s friend from the constant pain she feels as she is struggling through chemotherapy. It helped me realize that art exists in places that you would never think of. Art is all around us and makes a huge impact on the people around you when you don’t even realize it.

My Personal Experience With Art


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  1. elishaemerson

    I’ll be curious if the next time you’re in a hospital Liv’s presentation influences your experience with the art on the walls. 3/3

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