Revision Plan Strategy (6)

My goal for this paper after the first revision process is to create thesis sentences to start all of my paragraphs that are debatable and support my overarching argument of how art has had an impact on the past, present and future. For my first two paragraphs, I have a strong thesis but the third … [Read more…]

Learning from Peer Editing (4)

By editing Megan’s introduction paragraph, I learned that we both had very similar thoughts on art especially the point about how important art is. She had started with what art brings to the table and then listed the several kinds of art there is in the world, including the “typical” kinds of art and the … [Read more…]

Summaries at Kaphar and Southan (3)

“Can art amend history?” by Titus Kaphar is about answering the question of why do the wealthy population get to walk, while the others get to ride. Kaphar talks about the history of painting and how he is trying to amend our public structures and national monuments so our future can look a little different … [Read more…]

Comparing Southan’s Reading (2)

Reading Southan’s work a second time helped me to understand what Effective Altruism is and what the EA’s philosophy is. Broad concepts that I had noticed a second time that Southan put an emphasis on was giving money, the uniqueness of an artist’s work and the impact that an EA might have on the world. … [Read more…]

Effective Altruism (1)

A word that stuck out to me was “replaceability” which occurred several times throughout the text. It is a core concept of the EAs and they explain it as “The idea is that the only good that counts is what you accomplish over and above what the next person would have done in your place.” … [Read more…]